The Three Pillars of Our Quest

The idea of “living another lifetime” can mean many things to many people; all of which may very well be legitimate and founded in honest desires to improve one’s life in multifarious ways. At Live Another Lifetime it means achieving a state of being that is radically different from our past. It means to break free from the bonds of memory and to live in the present. Now, we need to ask ourselves: What does that mean? And how can we achieve it?

1. Health and Longevity
a. We focus on exercise, nutrition and meditation to bring the temporal form into a state of perfection that will allow us to go forward for many many years with a strong sound body encasing and connected to a clear and active mind.
b. Living another lifetime necessarily includes a focus on health, renewal and regeneration and living a long, long time; otherwise how would we be able to enjoy the “new” lifetime once we have achieved it. Admitably, our concept of living another lifetime encompasses not only the concept of a sexagenarian living another 60 years; living another lifetime also encompasses the next 60 days, the next 60 minutes or even the next 60 seconds. Living another lifetime is right now! Living another lifetime is fundamentally in the present. It is not something you have to wait for. The doors are open; one only needs to enter.

2. Renewal of the mind/body conjunction
a. Living in the present without fear and free of the pain that past memories bring into our life is key to living another lifetime. As we go forward into the new lifetime it is essential that we leave behind the memories and the guilt that literally imprison us in the past. If we reflect on our self we, find that self is defined by the past. Painful events and experiences endured in childhood and adulthood linger on in what we experience as the present. Woefully, that “present” is simply a reflection of the past being relived over and over again in the moment. In our renewal process we seek a repatterning resonance that sets us free to live in the present, to completely reshape our thought processes so that we are truly living another lifetime … not the lifetime of memories from the past. We introduce techniques that allow us to not carry these burdens that repeatedly bring us to submission and force past pains, past patterns and in fact our past life upon us in the moment so that the present is forever shadowed and hidden.
3. The key elements of our renewal process that participants of our group will experience include:
a. Resonance Repatterning. We have the extraordinary fortune to be able to include in our group the remarkable skills of resonance repatterning facilitator Nanci Pascoe. Nanci brings with her a lifetime of experience in the techniques of resonance repatterning. She has led diverse resonance repatterning groups in a humble, sharing and loving manner for decades. Her skills are unparalleled and she is widely recognized in this country as a gifted shaman and facilitator. Nanci will be facilitating our groups’ weekly resonance repatterning secessions to be held in Eugene, Oregon.
b. Daily meditation, Tai Chi, and Ananda Yoga (which combines Hatha Yoga and a form of Chi Gong style exercise of empty foot).
i. Meditation: Thoughts enter our mind seemingly on their own. They appear to come out of nowhere, popping in and out as if they had a life of their own. Often we dwell on these thoughts and neglect or forget that we have prioritized (or neglected to prioritize) sets of important concepts and processes that are essential to maintaining a clear mind. We allow our minds to do battle with the least significant of thoughts simply because they has entered our mind. Through meditation we learn to let the unessential, non-consequential thoughts striving for our attention to pass through our mind without paying them heed. Certainly, they will continue to plague us if we let them, however, the practice of meditation builds pathways by which they simply pass through the mind allowing us to focus on essential, life sustaining processes that lead to living another lifetime.
ii. Tai Chi: Silence in motion; meditation in movement. There is a mind/body connection. The wisest men and women of every generation have explored it many times over throughout the ages. Yet there remains a cloud of mystery surrounding this connection because we experience isolation from self. We have been trained to see everything as if it were outside ourselves, and as if there is nothing, or very little inside. Yet we all sense deeply this mind/body connection. That society, culture and politics exploit this perceived isolation is the stuff of history books, and it is the source of human misery. Tai Chi is the tool that Live Another Lifetime employs to connect the body with the mind. We use the Ananda method, which is gentile and accessible to the young and old, to the firm and unstable, to the neophyte and experienced. Live Another Lifetime imparts this tool to all our students so that they can incorporate it into their daily life no matter where they are or what they are engaged in.
iii. Ananda Yoga: The techniques of Ananda Yoga bring strength, flexibility and mobility to the corporal form while adhering to the principles of meditation and tai chi. Developed in India and the West over a 40 year period by this writer, Charles Gambell (a.k.a Ananda Handshealer, the name I was given by my teachers in India there I studied for six years) facilitates students in incorporating these methods into everyday life. As we move forward into living another lifetime, we require strength to carry us the next 60 years, the next 60 days or even the next 60 seconds. Longevity requires a strong, flexible and mobile body. Ananda Yoga gives us unique tools woven into simple exercises that rejuvenate the body and mind connection; steadying the body to deflect the rigors of physical life and to set the mind in a powerful place to guide the spirit wisely above the fracas of commercialized society.

I hope the above can bring some clarity as to our purpose and methods. Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts, questions and feelings and I will do my best to respond accordingly.

Note: the government calls me Charles Gambell, my friends and students call me Xaq Ananda Handshealer, or just Ananda for short.

Sincerely Yours,
Ananda Handshealer



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