The Beginning … or Pure Water, Humor and How To Get Started

Living another lifetime entails careful thought, study and above all, action and commitment to your conclusions. It serves no one to have figured out the universe and then not apply it.

Let us start at the beginning: it goes without saying that good health and good food are synonymous. It also can be said that switching from a standard diet to a diet that promotes health and longevity is not easy. We are animals of habit and we have eaten based on habit most of our life. Now we are going to change that as we live another lifetime. We are going to change our entire diet. Not just the diet of what we eat and drink, but how we think about what we eat and drink. We are going to change everything about self; we are going to learn to live in the present. Careful examination of self will reveal that most of us are caught up in the past; we are prisoners of past thoughts and past actions and it is this dual edged sword that prevents us from enjoying the power and the unlimited joy of the present.

Live Another Lifetime is the companion blog to the website. We are a newly created group of young and mature individuals dedicated to living another lifetime; be it the next 60 years or the next 60 days or the next 60 seconds!

You will find our Meetup page is at

Living another lifetime is fundamentally in the present. It is not something you need to wait for or work towards; rather it is something you do in the present. This blog, our website and our site are about living in the present, what that means and how it is accomplished.

Living another lifetime is a commitment to excellence in every manner conceivable to enhance our life modes in accordance with the Great Traditions of the indigenous cultures of the world; in particular, regions within and surrounding the ancient Indian subcontinent. Chuck Ananda Handshealer, founder of this movement, lived and travelled widely in India for over 6 years, studying under masters of the Great Tradition; living as a Sadhu; practicing Tantric and Transcendent methods of enlightenment and generally absorbing methods and techniques that free the human condition from the pain and misery of living in the past to allow a truly free and enlightened individual to live in the present; a powerful place full of joy, love and compassion in every instant.

Why do we choose to follow those traditions? Because, unadulterated they come to us purely and simply. The methods of renewal and repatterning are accessible to all regardless of background and prejudices. Unlike regeneration techniques developed in the West, the Great Tradition employs a “psychology” based on self-knowledge and intuitiveness. To the participating individual, understanding change comes through direct experience; rather than as in the West there “understanding” is primarily a prerequisite of change.

The practitioner of the Great Way experiences change first as understanding gradually takes hold; understanding becomes internalized and expressed naturally in new behavior patterns and thought processes that lead to a liberating of old routines, thought progressions and bodily conditions; a spiritual awakening occurs spontaneously and is palpable both internally and externally to the practitioner.

Chuck Ananda Handshealer facilitates the group; he is a fellow traveler who has spent six years in India studying with masters of the Great Way in every region of the subcontinent. Chuck endeavors to bring current and past masters to our group to guide us in our quest to live another lifetime.
We chose to define a lifetime very broadly. Students of Hatha Yoga will attest that a lifetime is spent within every breath. Still, our goal is to engender longevity into the mortal veil. Chuck Ananda is 60 years old; he chooses, in chorus, to live another lifetime of joy and fulfillment in every breath and to live another lifetime of 60 years. The methods of the Great Way simultaneously bring about renewal and regeneration as fruits of intense repatterning garnered by full participation in the life modes of the Great Tradition.
Live Another Lifetime is currently in discussions with various masters of the tradition and will soon be announcing our programs to the public.

Pure water. You have to start with pure water. If you are not already drinking pure water this is the time to start. First thing in the morning put down 8 to 24 ounces of fresh, cool and pure water before anything else goes into your system.

You don’t have to change your entire life the first day. But you do need to start and water is the start of all life. From now on you are only going to use pure water for all your dietary and consumption needs: pure water in your tea or coffee; pure water in your soup and porridge; in your juice and margaritas. If it goes through your mouth it needs to be pure. Start today.

Humor: hey, get with it. You need humour. Humor is the water of the soul. Trust me on this one. Work on pure humor. You’ll get it.


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