On the Reasoning of our Quest

Live Another Lifetime originally started as one man’s quest for the next 60 years; one man’s quest for another 60 years of joy and achievment. Since then it has grown into a movement of sorts; attracting young and old from all walks of life. Together we practice habits, ideas and lifestyles that directly an immediately enhance us both physically and spiritually. Our group meetup can be found at http://www.meetup.com/Live-Another-Lifetime and our website is at http://www.liveanotherlifetime.com .

The reasoning; it is late 2009, this blogger is 60 years old and in good health and vigour. Given today’s medical advances, given what we know about nutrition and exercise, I could easily live to 85 with hardly more wear and tear. Now here is the clinching point: during the next 25 years that will pass on my way to 85 years of age, the medical advances and nutritional advances we will witness will make today’s medicine seem like the middle ages.

The message: if you are healthy now and can stay that way for the next 25 years the sky is the limit. A person 60 today will easily make it to 120. Someone 12 years old today might expect to live to be 150 and people born in the 2030’s can expect to live 200 years or more.

This blog is an arm ofhttp://www.lifeanotherlifetime.com spreading the message of nutrition, exercise and love that will get you into your 12th decade. Join us for the “joy-ride”.


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