Introduction to Live Another Lifetime

Live Another Lifetime is the companion blog to the website. We are a newly created group of young and mature individuals dedicated to living another lifetime; be it the next 60 years or the next 60 days or the next 60 seconds! Living another lifetime is a commitment to excellence in every manner conceivable to enhance our life modes in accordance with the Great Traditions of the indigenous cultures of the world; in particular, regions surrounding the ancient Indian subcontinent.
Why do we choose to follow those traditions? Because, unadulterated they come to us purely and simply. The methods of renewal and repatterning are accessible to all regardless of background and prejudices. Unlike regeneration techniques developed in the West, the Great Tradition employs a “psychology” based on self-knowledge and intuitiveness. To the participating individual, understanding change comes through direct experience; rather than as in the West “understanding” is a prerequisite of change.

The practitioner of the Great Way experiences change first as understanding gradually takes hold; the understanding becomes internalized and expressed naturally in new behavior patterns and thought processes that lead to a liberating of old routines, thought progressions and bodily conditions; a spiritual awakening occurs spontaneously and is palpable both internally and externally to the practitioner.

Chuck Ananda Handshealer (a.k.a.Charles Gambell) facilitates the group; he is a fellow traveler who has spent six years in India studying with masters of the Great Way in every region of the subcontinent. Ananda endeavors to bring masters to our group to guide us in our quest to live another lifetime.

We chose to define a lifetime very broadly. Students of Hatha Yoga will attest that a lifetime is spent within every breath. Still, our goal is to engender longevity into the mortal veil. Ananda is 60 years old; he chooses, in chorus, to live another lifetime of joy and fulfillment in every breath and to live another lifetime of 60 years.

The methods of the Great Way simultaneously bring about renewal and regeneration as fruits of intense repatterning garnered by full participation in the life modes of the Great Tradition.

Live Another Lifetime is currently in discussions with various masters of the tradition and will soon be announcing our programs to the public.


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