the word on Uncle Joe’s Tips.

Uncle Joe has a lot of things to say. Not all of it is good … but it is all meant in a good tone. He has his “do this and don’t do that” mindset, but I have to admit that he is often right. He is looking for ways to put your “mind” in the right place; after all, living another lifetime is a great challange that will change your life if you decide to get on the band wagon. And it is a band wagon, because everything about you will come meet the “real” you. That is allways an exciting event. To meet the real you! It is just a few inches this way or that … but you will never get there if you don’t start the journey.

The “journey” is three fold: diet, exercise and meditation. You can jump right in and get with the program on all three levels, or you can explore one area at a time. Uncle Joe is here to help you. His first “tip” is located here:


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    I love what you are doing. I come in contact with people everyday that share your dream. At our meetups I will tell them about your site. Thank you.

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